People-Focussed Workplace

People-Focussed Workplace

At work, we’re always focussing on the customers. It can sound like “the customer is always right,” or, “let’s build those client relationships!” But what about the employees? Valuing your customers should always be a priority, but valuing your employees should be just as important.

At Highlight, we know that employees need to feel appreciated to do their best work. When employees are recognized, the workplace culture improves. Studies show that in a people-focussed work environment, 92% of employees reported feeling more appreciated, 86% reported feeling happier at work, and 85% reported feeling satisfied in their job. 

But what does a people-focussed environment look like? And how can you create one in your workplace? The Highlight app is here to help. 

The first step towards establishing a people-focussed work environment is to listen to employees and create a safe space to do so. Communication is key, and it’s one of our main goals at Highlight. Our app allows for companies to create curated social spaces (channels) that can be company wide, or exclusive to a team or interest. This social space allows employees to stay connected with their teams in an authentic and engaging new way.

Better communication leads to collaboration and trust. With a curated social space like Highlight, employees have a company specific platform to share their stories with each other, even in a remote or hybrid work environment. This means that no matter how your workplace looks or changes, the Highlight app keeps your employees engaged and connected. 

Our next tip to build a people-focussed work environment, is to show your employees how much you value their hard work and ideas. As the name suggests, Highlight is a space designed to showcase your employees and all that they do. With a few clicks, you can put employees in the ‘Spotlight’ and give them the opportunity to be recognized for their meaningful contributions. When employees are recognized, they feel appreciated, motivated, and simply happier at work. At Highlight, we make recognizing your employees as easy as pushing ‘post’.

Download the Highlight app today and transform your workplace into a people-focussed work community!