Employee Appreciation & Work Culture: Not Just For Corporate America

Employee Appreciation & Work Culture: Not Just For Corporate America

Employee appreciation and work culture is not just for the corporate world. In retail, there’s often high turnover, and it can be difficult for employees to feel valued. This past year especially, we have all come to know the importance of retail and service based employees. Whether it’s grocery store clerks, or the baristas that make that perfect cup of coffee, all employees are essential, and it’s important that we all feel appreciated and connected at work.

Employee appreciation and work culture tends to be put on the back burner outside of 'Corporate America' because it is often thought of as something that requires a lot of effort, overhead and experience in. However, at Highlight, we know that being kind and showing gratitude is easy - and employees feeling appreciated for all they do. We’re here to bring you tips to help build a company culture of gratitude into your retail and small business.

The first tip to showing your appreciation is to do so immediately and specifically. When an employee goes above and beyond for a customer, that’s the perfect time to tell them that their hard work is valued. This reinforces their excellent work, and shows the employee that their work is noticed and appreciated. Merit-based rewards also foster a more productive environment. 

Along with being seen, employees should also feel heard. As mentioned in a recent Forbes article, employees need to know that their opinions and experiences at their job are valued and heard. This can be accomplished by giving greater autonomy and authority to employees in their roles. This allows for the employees to better assist customers, and to feel competent and confident in their work. In turn, customers feel better taken care of, and are more likely to return.

Our final tip is to use Highlight! Employee appreciation and connection apps may seem exclusive to the corporate world, but they can be just as effective in retail spaces. By creating a curated social space on Highlight, your staff will feel more connected, and a sense of community will be begin to take shape. It is essential to create these positive connections in the workplace because our lives and jobs tend to be inextricably linked.

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