From Workplace to Work Community

From Workplace to Work Community

It may have be thought that the shift from in-person to virtual workplaces would improve employee productivity and reduce stress, but recent studies have found that toxic work environments followed employees home during quarantine, and in some cases, these toxic environments were made worse. 

Some markers for a toxic workplace include poor interpersonal connections, a lack of rewards, and an absence of organizational support. Today, employees are left feeling more isolated than ever. Highlight is here to help solve these problems and transform your workplace into a work community. 

Many of us didn’t realize before this pandemic how important little moments of social interaction were in creating a positive workplace. Whether it was sharing photos from your weekend with a colleague, or receiving face to face praise on a job well done from your colleagues and managers. These everyday interactions are crucial to creating a positive work environment, and with this shift, these moments were left behind.

Transforming your workplace into a work community starts with focussing on the employees.

Positive reinforcement is a crucial way to foster a positive work environment. It comes as no surprise that positive reinforcement increases employee productivity, and inspires employees to do their absolute best. The Highlight app makes this easy to accomplish in virtual, office, and hybrid models.

Highlight allows companies to create a company "social space" where employees can be praised and highlight their accomplishments, across the organization or within curated channels. It creates a space where everyone can be kept up to date on each other’s wins (+ life!), and employees can feel connected regardless of the distance. 

Take the first step in creating a healthy work environment today and sign up for the Highlight app.