Gratitude - Not Just a Buzzword

Gratitude - Not Just a Buzzword

Here at Highlight, we’re on a mission to create better work cultures that focus on gratitude. But what does that look like? It’s important for companies to remember that concepts like gratitude, appreciation, and recognition are not just buzzwords, but rather actions that should take place regularly in the workplace.

Showing your employees and colleagues appreciation for their work fosters a positive work environment where collaboration is possible. It is also proven that when employees feel appreciated, they are more motivated to do their best. There are many ways to show your gratitude at work, but here’s a list of our best tips.

First, recognition should be a regular part of your work culture. Make a point of acknowledging employees’ successes and wins, no matter how big or small. A simple “thank you for your hard work” goes a long way. 

Another way to foster a grateful work culture is to encourage your employees and colleagues to recognize each other’s achievements. Make it a point to offer words of appreciation and recognition in public settings so that employees learn by example. Highlight makes this easy with our ‘Spotlight’ feature. Publicly appreciating employees is easier than ever within our easy to use app.

It’s important to note that acknowledging an employee’s success should always be genuine. Take the time to acknowledge and appreciate specific work done by that employee or team. By recognizing a specific achievement, employees will actually feel seen and appreciated as opposed to feeling that the gratitude given was just for show.

You can also show your appreciation by connecting your words of gratitude back to your company’s values. Acknowledge employees that uphold company standards and contribute to a positive work culture. While it’s important to acknowledge the work your employees do, it is equally as important to acknowledge who they are as a person.

Our last tip to promote a work culture with gratitude at its core is to download the Highlight app. Highlight is employee appreciation made simple. With a curated social space, you can ensure that employees feel valued regularly and in a company-wide setting. Download the Highlight app today, and take the first step in creating a more grateful work culture.