Highlight App: Self Care & Company Culture

Highlight App: Self Care & Company Culture

Creating a work environment where self-care is possible is about more than providing snacks in the break-room. Although that’s a wonderful treat, it only scratches the surface, and it’s not even a possibility with this shift to virtual workplaces. Creating a healthy workplace that allows for self-care all starts with a good company culture.

What is company culture? Company culture refers to the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours of a company that define their values. A company’s culture can be cultivated, or it can just be a result of their actions. At Highlight, while we know that actions speak louder than words, we also believe that you can choose the kind of culture you want for your company. 

Let’s start with the foundation. A great company culture is built on communication, positivity, opportunity, and a people-focussed mentality. Building a culture based on these values can lead to a more successful work environment, and also a less stressful environment. This is where self-care comes back into the picture. 

When we’re under stress, it’s proven that we are less productive. It can take up to 50% longer to complete tasks. Furthermore, stress can manifest itself as physical illness, and it can even damage interpersonal relationships. By creating a great company culture that puts employee well-being at the centre, stress is reduced and productivity increases. 

Additionally, by establishing communication as core value, employees are encouraged to reach out if they need additional support. Asking for help is a form of self-care, and every company should allow for that kind of clear communication. 

Self-care also includes complements and praise. Recognizing the great work your employees and colleagues do creates a positive, more collaborative work environment and contributes to a great company culture. 

So, how can Highlight help you create a great company culture and contribute to self-care in the workplace? Highlight is an app with the goal of turning workplaces into work communities by focussing on the people first. Highlight helps companies to put more of a focus on authentic communication and establishing a positive work environment. Those in leadership positions can curate a social space for their team where clear communication is established. Tips and resources for self-care can be posted regularly, employees can check in with each other, and those in leadership positions become more accessible to their teams, and more accountable for the work community that they are establishing. 

Download the Highlight app today and see the difference it can make in your company culture!