Highlight App: Workplace Social Media

Highlight App: Workplace Social Media

Your organization has an external social media strategy - but how much thought have you given to your internal one? Here at Highlight app, we see social media as an opportunity to improve the quality of your workplace from within.

Currently, 98% of employees have a social media account for personal use, with 50% posting company related content. With insights like this, it seems like a simple decision to incorporate a social space to drive positive engagement within your workplace. However, teams should consider the quality of the social space prior to adopting.

Employees that use social media in the workplace are more productive, collaborative, and generally happier at work. But how do you turn your teams enthusiasm for staying connected into growing a thriving work community? The answer is Highlight. 

Organizations can use a private social space like the Highlight app to create a positive environment for their employees to recognize their colleagues and communicate in familiar and engaging ways. This gives team members all the benefits of using social media, but it keeps them engaged with their colleagues and overall mission.

Engagement in a company’s community is one of the keys to a strong foundation. Create your team's social space today by downloading the Highlight app.