What Highlight is - and isn't

What Highlight is - and isn't

This pandemic has demonstrated that there are major gaps in workplace applications. While many excellent products exist to improve workplace collaboration- they tend to focus on task completion and serve as a quick communication channel with colleagues. At Highlight, we know those use-cases are extremely valuable, but we also know that they’re missing the human element found in the top workplaces - people focus. 

Highlight is not a product where work gets done. There are no status reports, deadlines, or multi-coloured gantt charts. Highlight is an app where people get celebrated, uniqueness is discovered, and a thriving community is born.


We're commonly known as a workplace photo sharing app with a focus on employee appreciation and discovering the human side of your colleagues. Our goal is to help teams focus on the people behind the screens, and create a more people-focussed workplace. By creating a curated social space, your team members have a work-related platform where they can get to know each other and build genuine connections that foster a more collaborative work environment. 

We’ll give you an example. Inspiration is hard to find during this difficult year, but almost everyone has a favourite quote or image that motivates them. You can post a quick prompt asking team members to share a quote that inspires them. This post then becomes a photo album of everyone’s inspiring quotes. Whether they’re comical or serious, your team learns about each other based on what they post. This prompt isn't meant to be work related or even evaluated, but you're creating a positive bond and association with your work team.


Highlight was designed with employee appreciation at its core. In an online world, we often forget to send that quick “great job” message to our colleagues after their presentation. Or we miss those moments where our boss would pass our desk and say “keep up the good work”. It’s no secret that when employees don’t feel appreciated, they don’t feel motivated to do their best. Highlight allows for simple, and public, employee appreciation that’s as easy as clicking ‘post’. With our Spotlight feature, team members can be recognized in a company wide setting for all of the great work they do. These Spotlight moments are then saved to your profile allowing employees to keep track of how many times they were praised for their excellent work.


So how do we differ from traditional social media? Unlike popular social media apps, Highlight lets you build your own curated social space, so employees know that what they’re posting is specifically seen only by their work team. Using Highlight in the workplace isn’t a distraction, it’s a benefit because it keeps employees engaged with their colleagues and helps build stronger relationships. 


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