Why Communication Is So Important for Leaders

Why Communication Is So Important for Leaders

We are constantly being bombarded with ways in which we can change company culture. But the goal isn’t to make a one time change, it’s to implement lasting, and effective improvements to your work community that can continue to grow over time. While there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach, there is one truth; change starts at the top. 

Calling all CEOs, Managers, Team Leaders, and anyone in a position of leadership within a company. Let’s examine what makes a good leader, and here at Highlight, we believe that communication is the key. Good communication skills are one of the most sought after skills in the workplace, and they’re also one of the best skills to have in order to create a positive work environment. When those in leadership positions clearly and positively communicate with their employees and team members, the benefits are endless. As we continue to shift towards hybrid and remote working environments, the ways in which we communicate have changed, and Highlight app is here to help facilitate this on-going evolution.

Communicating within the organization is vital to foster a collaborative environment. Communication can include praise for a job well done, giving credit for employee ideas, sharing news, or building authentic personal connections. That’s where the Highlight app comes in.

With Highlight, you can join a company wide social space, or curate social channels for individual teams and initiatives. With this social space, communicating is as easy as making a photo post, putting employees and their ideas in the spotlight, or sending a personable video update. But this all starts at the top. Those in leadership positions have to set the example and reach out to their team members and colleagues in order to establish positive communication habits.

Establishing good and consistent communication means that employees feel heard, valued, and connected. This leads to increased productivity, better collaboration, and an overall more positive work community. 

Download Highlight today and see the difference that communication can make with your team!