Working from Home: Pros and Cons

Working from Home: Pros and Cons

In many ways, the pandemic has sped up the inevitable in that companies are realizing just how possible, and effective, working from home can be. However, we also know that working from home has some disadvantages. With the world reopening, the discussion has now turned to a debate between in-person, virtual, and hybrid spaces. While each has their pros and cons, we at Highlight know that there are proven benefits to working from home, and we believe that we can help companies get the best of all options.

Let’s start with the benefits. According to a recent Forbes article, working from home led to increased productivity, improved performance, employee retention, and higher profitability for the company. These benefits stem from the fact that employees feel a stronger sense of autonomy when they can choose their workplace and set their days themselves. Additionally, by allowing employees to work from home, the company is allowing them flexibility, which is key for employee retention. 

With facts like these, it’s no surprise that more than half of workers want to continue working from home in some capacity. 

On the other hand, working from home has its disadvantages. The most important being a lack of connection and engagement. Working from home means less ‘human time’ with your colleagues. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, and even a feeling of not belonging in your company. During this past year, we have been lacking in those casual conversations with colleagues that we may have previously taken for granted. These casual moments of chatting in the break room hold more weight than we think, and really impact a company’s culture. 

So, how do we keep the benefits of working from home, while maintaining valuable social connections? The answer is the Highlight app. 

At Highlight, we’re all about people-focussed spaces that inspire a more human and authentic work culture. Our app allows employees to maintain their social interactions through storytelling, no matter where they work from. 

Highlight is key to making work from home work for you! Download the app today and feel connected to your team, no matter where you work!